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Your Timeshare Has Value in Experiences, Not Dollars

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Your Timeshare Has Value in Experiences, Not Dollars

Posted by Rosemary Zammit on April 19, 2017

A conversation that we have daily with the people looking into using our services, is a hesitation in St. John, US Virgin Island at Cruz Bay..jpeg
whether or not they should get out of their timeshare, or take their chances on the resale market to try and make a “profit” off of their timeshare. Before we go any further, let’s be clear about one thing - your timeshare in most cases is not worth anything in terms of monetary gain. It’s not an easy thing to hear, however it is the truth. Unlike real estate, for example, there isn’t a way to make a return on your investment. Timeshares on the resale market can go for as little as one dollar. Resale is what is referred to as a false market. False market is essentially a term used to describe an industry that appears to be doing one thing or offering one thing, but it’s not totally transparent or functioning in a way that lives up to your expectations based off of the information that they have given you.

We have had more than a few conversations with people calling us and telling us that they have been scammed multiple times by such companies who promise one thing and deliver another, or in a lot of cases, don’t deliver at all. Between listing fees, ongoing maintenance fees and more, trying to sell your timeshare on the resale market will end up costing you money. We have had clients who want to try to make something off of their timeshare, and we hear back from them a few months later with little to no success.

Now, while all of this sounds discouraging, let’s be clear, your timeshare does have value. It’s just that it’s value lies in the experiences that it has granted you during the time that you have owned it. Travel can offer all kinds of lifelong benefits and has given both you and your family memories that last a lifetime. Think of all of the amazing times you have spent with your family in your condo, on the beach, on the ski slopes, Disney, or by the pool. The excursions you’ve gone on, and the time you had during your busy schedule to relax and move at a slower pace for a week or two.

Each of these good memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you and your family shared together are all thanks to the timeshares that you have owned, or currently own. And as much as we would love to tell you that what you purchased has gone up in value and that you will not only get your money back and make a profit, it’s just not the case. It’s just something to consider when you start doing your research into which option is the best one for you, and also something to consider if you are thinking of buying another, or your first, timeshare.

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Written by Rosemary Zammit

Organized, punctual, and dedicated are just a few of the words that could describe Rosemary. As one of our Senior Advisors, Rosemary works hard in order to ensure that everyone she speaks to gets the right information about their timeshares and their options. If she’s not on the phones at Genescy, Rosemary can be found painting landscapes or serving warm meals at the Salvation Army, at the Red Cross, or in one of the local nursing homes working with seniors.

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We believe that timeshare owners should have the right to gracefully terminate their timeshare, and that does not have to damage the timeshare industry in the process. Genescy is committed to finding viable timeshare exit strategies that work for the entire industry, especially for the consumers that support it.


Make Empowered Decisions About Your Timeshare

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